Annapolis dental implants

Annapolis Dental Implants

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A missing tooth can ruin your smile, affect your self-esteem and can hinder your ability to eat or the proper function of your jaw. Over time the rest of your teeth may begin to shift due to the absence of the tooth. The more missing teeth the worse all these problems can be. Those missing teeth sufferers who are looking for permanent teeth in Maryland should consider Annapolis dental implants. Dr. Jun T. Bae has been providing implant dentistry to the people who live or work in this community for over 20 years. There have been incredible advances in implant dentistry over the past five years and Dr. Bae and his associates are trained and highly experienced in all the latest implant techniques and protocols.

Annapolis dental implants serve as permanent teeth and can replace one tooth, several teeth or a full mouthful of teeth. They can be used as an alternative to traditional removable dentures, but feel more secure and function better. An implant consists of two basic parts, the implant which is surgically anchored under the gum and directly into the bone. The implant becomes the anchor for the visible part to the new tooth and, in essence, replaces the root of the original tooth, which has been removed. The implant is then topped by a crown, which is the visible part of the tooth. Implants can also be used to support bridges and full or partial dentures instead of individual crowns. Some of the newest implant techniques, such as Immediate Implant Placing and Immediate Loading, where the tooth is placed on the implant on the same day that the implant is placed can significantly shorten the time needed for the whole process from that of older traditional dental implant techniques.

Dr. Bae is trained and proficient in providing all phases of the implant and tooth replacement process, so permanent teeth can be restored in one place, our office. There is no need to go from doctor to doctor for the various parts of the procedure. You don’t have to live with missing teeth, our practice is able to restore your smile to a full-tooth grinned using dental implants. Call our office for an appointment with our doctors and discuss what Annapolis dental implants can do for you.

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