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Dental Decay/Cavities in Annapolis

Dental decay and the cavities that are caused by it can be prevented with some simple and effective methods. At Family Dentistry of Maryland, our goal is to keep your teeth whole, strong, healthy, and free of pain.

The reason that dental decay occurs is that sugars and starches in your diet (cake, cookies, bread, rice, potatoes, etc.) lead to the formation of dental plaque, a film-like bacterial substance. Over time, it can erode the protective layers of your teeth, which is what dental decay is. If there is enough decay, a hole develops, or what is known as a dental cavity. And while our Annapolis dentist would rather you avoid that entirely, if a cavity is small and is detected early enough, you don’t have to worry too much. The decayed portion of the tooth will be removed and a filling added to restore the tooth’s natural barriers. This is a big reason why you should see our Annapolis dentist every six months. A full oral examination and periodic x-rays lead to the prompt diagnosis and treatment of cavities. Equally important, though, is getting a dental cleaning, which is done at the same visit when you get your oral exam. The purpose is to address tartar buildup, itself the result of dental plaque that was not efficiently removed when you brush and floss. Tartar has the same hazardous effect on your teeth as plaque does, so having it eliminated on a regular basis is crucial. Cavities that grow large enough pose a threat in the form of potential infections, which would require root canal therapy; and even the weakening of the tooth structure to the point where an extraction must be done.

Please call our office right now so that you can schedule an appointment to come in for an examination and teeth cleaning by our Annapolis dentist.

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