Annapolis Extractions

Annapolis Extractions

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Dental Extractions in Annapolis

Family Dentistry of Maryland is a dental office that performs Annapolis extractions for patients who have severe tooth decay or impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often need to be extracted due to the way that they grow in and crowd teeth, or because they have grown in impacted. Problem wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth that are growing in crooked are also recommended to be removed.

Wisdom teeth that grow in crooked can cause toothaches and can throw the rest of the teeth out of alignment. Pressure, inflammation and redness in the gum area can signify a problem with the tooth such as a cavity or an abscess. Cavities are caused by tooth decay and usually need fillings to fix the holes created in the tooth by the cavity. Fillings are usually made from ceramic materials, which are safe and efficient, matching the color of surrounding teeth and making them a great choice as a filling material. Our Annapolis extractions are done right in our offices, in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere in which you’ll feel at home.

To avoid Annapolis extractions, we can perform a root canal. When the inner pulp inside a tooth becomes inflamed, it causes swelling and pain. The goal of a root canal is to clean the damaged part of the pulp before sealing it and capping it off finally with a crown. Root canals allow us to save the natural tooth while eliminating the need for extracting it. We have 4 offices, one in Annapolis, another in Laurel, one in Gaithersburg and one in Westminster. Some of our offices are open on Saturdays. Visit our website for hours at our offices. We accept credit cards, insurance, and Care Credit. Care Credit is a convenient way to pay for dental services with a low monthly payment.

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