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Pediatric dental hygiene practice in Annapolis

Annapolis family dentist
Annapolis family dentist

Pediatric dental hygiene practice is similar to what it is for adults, but with added considerations to account for the special circumstances of kids, who are more prone to tooth decay and have teeth falling out and growing in to contend with. At Family Dentistry of Maryland, consider us a partner with you in maintaining the oral health of your child now and in the future.

Dental hygiene starts with nutrition. Your child’s food and drink choices, and the ones you make for her or him, set the foundation. Sugar fuels dental plaque formation, and so does starch. Cake, candy, cookies, soda, and fries are all items that should be kept to a minimum to support dental wellness. Also be careful to check labels. You might be surprised how many products contain sugar in them. Even most commercially available “plain” cereals have added sugar. Our Annapolis family dentist will show your child how to best brush his or her teeth and floss between them. A high quality dental rinse (not mouthwash) may also be a good idea. You should bring your child in for a visit two times per year for a complete checkup, periodic x-rays, and a teeth cleaning, which is key for the removal of hardened tartar. Brushing and flossing remove plaque, but not tartar. Teeth cleanings will also reverse the effects of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. And if you would like to take further preventive steps, ask our Annapolis family dentist about fluoride treatments and sealants, which are two effective methods designed to keep tooth decay from leading to cavities.

Contact our office today and we will book an appointment for you to bring in your child to see our Annapolis family dentist. With regular trips here, teeth and gum problems can be infrequent occurrences.

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