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Invisalign braces in Annapolis

Annapolis Invisalign
Annapolis Invisalign

Invisalign braces derive their name from the fact that they cannot be seen when you wear them. You won’t have to feel at all self-conscious as you get orthodontic treatment, because no one else knows you’re wearing anything on your teeth; unless you tell them, of course. At Family Dentistry of Maryland, we are pleased to offer our Annapolis Invisalign as an outstanding alternative to metal braces. Their cosmetic edge is only one of the benefits they provide.

Traditional braces do a great job of realigning your teeth, but they can cause mouth irritation or soreness, especially in the early going. In addition, you are restricted as to the foods you can have during your treatment. Sticky and chewy foods can get caught up in your braces. And crunchy ones can lead to damaging the braces. But with our Annapolis Invisalign, those negative aspects are non-existent. The aligners you will wear are made of clear plastic, which will not cause you any discomfort. And they are removable. So when you eat, just take out your aligner. Enjoy all of your favorites. You should also take out our Annapolis Invisalign when you brush and floss. Your oral hygiene will be more effective without something in the way. Other than that, your aligner stays in 24/7, even while you sleep, always moving your teeth steadily into a more ideal position. On average, the total number of aligners during the course of your treatment will be 18 to 30, with each serving its purpose for about two weeks. The aligners are made at our office with the assistance of 3-D computer software and state-of-the-art machinery for optimal precision.

If you have been putting off getting orthodontic care, this might be the perfect time to take action. With Annapolis Invisalign braces, you can have a smooth, comfortable experience while your teeth are being realigned. Call us to arrange an appointment.

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