Annapolis toothache

Annapolis Toothache

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Treating toothaches in Annapolis

When your tooth is alerting you to a problem, it uses pain as the method of delivery. That’s exactly the time to take advantage of our services here at Family Dentistry of Maryland. You can expect attentive, gentle, expert care.

The common causes of toothaches are cavities, fillings that have come loose, filling that have fallen out, chipped or cracked teeth, and tooth infections. There is overlap among them, such as the fact that an infection is typically the result of one of the other causes, especially when you don’t get treatment in a timely manner. Our office highly recommends that when you have an Annapolis toothache, you should seek us out immediately. Don’t wait, hoping that it goes away, or looking for when you can fit a visit to our office into your busy schedule. We understand that our valued patients often have hectic lives, but there are very good reasons for having your Annapolis toothache addressed promptly. In the case of a cavity or a filling that is no longer viable, acting quickly will often mean that all you need is a new filling that can be accomplished easily, in the course of a single session. Chipped or cracked teeth mean a second trip to get a completed crown, but the minimal effort is worth it. Sometimes, an infection in your tooth may be unavoidable, and if so then you will need root canal therapy. Today’s version of this non-surgical treatment is known for being comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about the experience. Our goal is to make certain that you don’t have to lose your tooth, if at all possible. Quick action will make that worst case considerably less likely.

Let our dentist take care of your Annapolis toothache. Contact us right away so that we can have you seen at the earliest possible opportunity.

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