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Annapolis Dental Office

Dental crowns in Annapolis

Annapolis dental office

Annapolis dental office

There are many times when a patient may need a dental crown in order to restore a tooth. If you are in need of receiving a dental crown or other type of tooth restoration, you will want to visit us at Family Dentistry of Maryland. At our Annapolis dental office, you will be able to be fitted for an attractive and comfortable dental crown by one of our expert family dentists, Dr. Jun Tae Bae, Dr. Yeonjin Choi, or Dr. Akbar Masood.

A patient can need a dental crown for many different reasons. At our Annapolis dental office, we provide many patients with dental crowns for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes a dental crown can be used purely to correct the appearance of a tooth. Other times a patient will need a dental crown because a tooth is damaged and needs to be strengthened. A dental crown is often used to protect a tooth after a root canal procedure is performed. Today porcelain crowns are commonly used as the top “tooth” portion of a dental implant. Porcelain crowns are also used to attach bridges to adjacent teeth, or to protect a cracked tooth and keep it from becoming worse. Crowns are commonly used to cosmetically restore discolored or stained teeth to their beautiful, natural appearance. Porcelain crowns are made in a laboratory and can either be all porcelain or can have porcelain baked onto a metal substrate. At our Annapolis dental office, our dentist will make sure that your new porcelain crown not only perfectly color-matches your adjacent teeth, but also will make sure that it fits you precisely, and is perfectly comfortable in your mouth.

For an appointment to see one of our dentists at our Annapolis dental office for a new porcelain crown, or for any other type of dental care, contact us today.

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