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Dental Bridges in Annapolis MD

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Teeth Restorations in Annapolis MD

Dental Bridges in Annapolis MD
Dental Bridges in Annapolis MD

Our dental bridges in Annapolis MD, which can be either fixed or removable, serve a vital role for replacing lost teeth. Here at Family Dentistry of Maryland, we’re pleased to provide bridges to fill the empty space where you once had teeth. They are simple to make, effective to use, and nearly anyone qualifies to get one.

Which type of our dental bridges in Annapolis MD is best for you, a fixed or removable one? There is no answer for that other than your personal preferences. With a fixed bridge, you have more dependability when you chew and speak, since the bridge is held in permanently with cement at the gum line. It is also held in on either side with anchors attached to those two teeth. However, doing so means that you lose tooth material from them. They are filed down so that anchors can be placed and then a crown cemented over each one to make certain that they stay in place. Many patients are happy with this option, but it is not for everyone. The feel of a fixed appliance attached to your gums and immovable is not suitable to the sensibilities of some. Removable bridges are also called partial removable dentures. They differ from the fixed version of our dental bridges in Annapolis MD in that they are held in at the gums with dental adhesive, and to the neighboring teeth with clasps. You won’t lose any tooth material. Hygiene is easier, because you will take out your removable bridge to clean it and also your gums. The major drawback associated with one is that it doesn’t always stay steady when you chew or speak. A removable bridge might slide on occasion.

Don’t settle for an incomplete smile. Schedule an appointment with our office for a consultation to decide whether a fixed or removable bridge is most appropriate for your needs.

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